Welcome to Inklings In Wood Cremation Urns

The following web site is dedicated  to cremation urns and artistic turnings using woods from the forests of Nova Scotia, Canada


A cremation urn is an important focal point for any memorial service.
The process of making an urn begins with the raw log from which a rough shape is produced and then hollowed out. The rough shape is coated on the outside only using a thick wax that slows the curing process. Each urn is left to dry at a low temperature from one to two years. When the drying is complete, the urn is returned to the lathe to determine its final form and thickness. Next is the sanding process and the application of the final finish. Once the finish has dried, each urn then receives machine buffing with a hand rubbed polish . All of the urns offered here are made from hardwoods native to Nova Scotia.


These beautifully hand turned wooden urns provide an opportunity to retain memories and ongoing love of the departed in a unique and artistic manner.
An unparalleled urn for those that have no equals.


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Statement of Work

In this age of fads, mass production, and questionable quality, I try to reflect pride of artisanship in every turned object I produce. Each piece of wood used has been carefully selected for its timeless beauty, keeping in mind the three fundamentals of a well-made creation: FORM, FINISH and FUNCTION.


…Ben McLellan…